Why It’s Not Gay To Like Justin Timberlake (Unless You’re A Guy)


RANDOM GUY:  Hey I want you to meet someone.  He can sing, dance, he’s a really good golfer, can bang just about any girl he wants to, and he’s funny as shit.
ME: Sounds like a dick. I hate him already.
RANDOM GUY: It’s Justin Timberlake.
ME: Justin Timberlake? Why didn’t you say so? I love Justin Timberlake.

In every Hollywood generation (which are more compressed than our outside-Hollywood generations) there comes a guy who is equally popular among guys and their girlfriends, wives, whatever.  I guess it started even before Humphrey Bogart, then you have James Dean, Paul Newman, Jim Morrison, Vince Vaughn (the thinner Mr. Vaughn for the ladies), Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp to a slightly lesser degree, and now there is Justin Timberlake.  They are all classically handsome guys, yet there is something about these guys that is not as threatening to the male ego as, say Robert Pattinson (could someone please explain this one to me).

So what is it about these guys, and others that I’m sure I’ve forgotten, that speaks to men as well as women? 

Simple.  They act like guys.  Bogey’s got no problem keeping his broad in line with a quick slap to the face or to lead her drunk-ass out of a party with a well placed goon-hand.  James Dean, who even had a guy write a song about him (unless the song was about Jimmy Dean, the sausage king), was able to show a tough vulnerability that we all know would help us get laid if we could pull it off.  And he was just plain cool; hell so were Newman and Morrison.

In the modern era, a guy’s popularity among other men seems to be more a product of his sense of humor.  Vince Vaughn (I’ll throw Alec Baldwin in the mix, although the voicemail he left his daughter may have lost him some of his female audience) and JT are funny (funny like us or our friends), and most importantly, they have a sense of humor about themselves.  Unlike many of the celebrities we’re subjected to, they don’t seem to take themselves seriously at all.  They look like they’re having fun, and that’s what we think being famous should be all about.

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12 Responses to “Why It’s Not Gay To Like Justin Timberlake (Unless You’re A Guy)”

  1. A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog. You’ve obviously spent some time on this. Well done!

  2. Justin has to be the best dancer of our generation. The only person who would have topped him would have been MJ

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