What Is This Gah-bidge?

Viral videos spawn viral rumors.  According to the guaranteed 73% accurate Wikipedia, Dan Deacon recorded the audio track (the animation was added later by Liam Lynch) from the attached video as part of a school project.  A native of New York’s Long Island (pronounced Lawn Guyland), Deacon made use of an over-the-top L.I. accent, and described what he was watching on a muted television.  The more popular rumor is that it was a recording of a guy who dropped acid and then was locked in a closet. 

I was introduced to this audio a while ago thanks to  The Opie and Anthony Show, and it has resonated in my ears and brain ever since.  I didn’t know any of the back story regarding Dan Deacon until today when I was researching (I ususally like to wait for a video to have nearly 10 million views before I weigh in) it for this post, so I just took for granted that it was some guy tripping his ass off.  I guarantee I sounded like that the couple three times I ate the  ‘shrooms.  Hell I sound like that when i forget to take my Adderall.  So I have a tough time deciding which story to believe.

You be the judge.

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One Response to “What Is This Gah-bidge?”

  1. No BS and well written, thanks much for the info