Too Cool For School

I was such a huge Kiss fan when I was growing up, so much so I remember exactly where I was when I settled in with a bowl of Jiffy Pop popcorn to watch Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park in 1978. I also remember thinking it was just about the coolest movie I ever saw (with the exception of Star Wars that is). Hell, I even made my parents sit through the horrible TV movie. I hadn’t thought about it since, and I can see why. It is so bad, I got angry watching the clip above.

Anyway, I started thinking about other things I thought were cool that I was sadly mistaken about. At the top of that list would be a pair of Jaws tube socks. They were pretty much the famous Jaws movie poster on a pair of socks, exactly as cool as it sounds. Was there anything that you thought was so “boss” until you saw the picture years later? Or better yet, one of your friends pointed out your faux pas in real time?

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