Music Friday?

British hottie, Susan Boyle, has been getting alot of attention with her version of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables, but her video is not embeddable, so I thought I would share some music videos that better suit my blog and its readers, and most importantly ARE embeddable. Enjoy.

Here’s what happened right before she started singing, and at every party they have at their house.
WIFE: Honey, will you go get my guitar? I want to sing Fields Of Gold for everyone.
HUSBAND: (to himself) Fuck!

I love accents with my songs. What can I say?

Sorry. I know it was the same song, but I think I saw blood running out of that zebra’s eye while she was singing. I really want to watch Highlander again. Who’s with me?  Also, Freddie Mercury just rolled over in his grave — he’s on his back now.

I always wondered what the Bob Dylan arrangement of Thunder Road would sound like. I chose this video mainly because the background intrigues and troubles me. It just looks like if he moves, there’ll be a guy duct-taped to a chair, gagged, and holding a copy of that day’s newspaper. Or maybe Tony Montana’s buddy’s getting chainsawed in the bathroom. It would certainly explain why the singer was trying to keep his face hidden. Actually I watched another video of his, and his face is the reason he tries to keep his face hidden.

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