Something For Dave

About a week or so ago, I got a comment asking for some nudity and senseless violence. I am trying to keep the blog PG-13 (let’s face it, that’s who buys tee shirts), so no nudity. But I do like to keep my readers satisfied, so how about at least some senseless violence, with an emphasis on “sense-less”

The last video is highlights of something called Felony Fights, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty more vids like it if you search “felony fights” on your favorite video site. I guess I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life, but I’ve never participated in a Felony Fight, nor backyard wrestling for that matter. And since most of these guys are not wearing shirts, let alone graphic tee shirts, I may feel secure enough down the road saying something a little disparaging about one or more of them.

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