The Return Of Conspiracy Theory Friday

Bear with me, this one’s a little all over the place.  I guess it’s more conspiracy brainstorming session than a true theory, but its strength and credibility lie in its scattered-ness.

I was thinking this morning about the Clinton Brothers, namely Bill not so much Hillary, and I was wondering why we haven’t heard too much from him lately.  I mean, you would think this egomaniac would be all over the place talking about the economy and what he would do and how he “wouldn’t have done it that way,” etc. especially in the face of waning approval numbers for President Obama’a policies.  Yet he remains silent.

I blogged  before that Obama must have something embarrassing on Clinton to keep him in line, but what the hell could possibly embarrass Slick Willy at this point.  That’s when it hit me.  Vince Foster.  It’s the only thing that would be able to shut him up so effectively. But there was no evidence implicating him in the murder before, so how was this administration able to get their hands on something that would link him to the crime, or at least get him to mind his Ps and Qs?

That’s where the Bill Hicks video above comes in. The people who ran the country from their cigar-filled boardroom during the Clinton era are the same ones writing the words that magically appear on Obama’s teleprompter. Before you call me a hate-mongering right wing blogger, they were there under W as well, Bush 41, and Reagan et al. The only difference is that Republican administrations were typically able to convince these “industrialists” that there is more money to be made under a free-market laissez-faire approach to governing.

But who makes up this group? Can we rule out Masons and the Illuminati? I would have to guess the CEOs of the Big-3 Automakers aren’t in the room. We know they’re not politicians, that would be like letting the puppets behind the curtain. Movie stars? No. (Ooh, I know, the Jews) Lobbyists? Kaiser Soze? Maybe. Like the mysterious Kaiser, they derive much of their power from the fact that no one really knows who the hell they are. Again, so much for transparency.

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