TeeShirtSoup.com Presents: Is That Gay?


Just like all the other entries that I hype as potential recurring features on the site, I know despite my best intentions I will completely forget about this theme in about a week or so.  What can I say, ADD’s a bitch. 

Okay, on with the post…  I am thinking about taking pictures of all my cell phone contacts holding a phone.  That way when they call me, the picture of them on the phone will pop up on my phone.  Is that gay?   

Comment me or email me ([email protected]) with your questions, and we’ll get some answers for you.  Remember, when I say “gay” I don’t necessarily mean homosexual, most of the time I just mean gay.

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One Response to “TeeShirtSoup.com Presents: Is That Gay?”

  1. Maureen McSherry-Rich Reply 14. Jun, 2009 at 7:48 am

    no, i don’t think it is gay.