TeeShirtSoup.com EXCLUSIVE: My Interview With The Second Pregnant Man


Meet Pat Barringer. Some out there will call him the “Second Pregnant Man,” I prefer to call him the first. He actually refuses to get a blood test to confirm his condition, but that stubbornness alone reveals a masulinity not shown by the first gestating gent.

He has agreed to speak only with TeeShirtSoup for which I am flattered, but also a bit nervous. It is a giant responsibility to shoulder, so I hope I ask all the questions you want answered. If there is anything you feel I’ve neglected, please comment me and I’ll be sure to ask him in a subsequent interview.

It’s about 4:30 in the afternoon this past Sunday, a small sports coupe (a Pontiac Fiero, I think) pulled into my driveway and I was treated to my first glimpse of Pat in person. He struggled to get out of his car despite not being really that pregnant yet. I would describe him as looking a bit intoxicated. There’s a knock at the door…

TeeShirtSoup:  Hi Pat.  C’mon in. May I call you Pat?
Pat Barringer: Sure thing, Soup. I’m a big fan of your site by the way.
TSS: Thank you.

I lead Pat into the living room and offer him a seat and a mineral water.

TSS: So I guess I’ll get right to it. How did this happen?
PB: I’m not really sure, Sssoupy. I guess it all started the night my wife told me to go fuck myself (laughs).

TSS: I have to ask… you are pregnant, right?
PB: Look at me. He stands up and rubs his protruding belly.

TSS: Have you seen a doctor?
PB: I don’t trust doctors. I walk in there, he gives me some pill, the next thing I know I’m not pregnant, I have a funny little scar just above my groin, and my wife’s invited to his wife’s baby shower. No thank you.

TSS: Fair enough. So did you take a home pregnancy test or anything?
PB: Yea, it’s called the bathroom mirror I pass every morning to go puke my guts out.

TSS: You’re married. What does your wife think about all of this?
PB: She’s not too thrilled with the idea of a baby or anything, but she’s hoping I parlay it into a reality show for us. And she gets to keep smoking, so she’s happy about that too.

TSS: And you are a man?
PB: Haha. Bend over, I’ll prove it.

TSS: And how far along are you?
PB: Let’s see, I wanna say about 14 weeks or so. It’s tough to tell, it’s not like I missed a period or anything. Haha.

TSS: Haha, I know that pregnancy can have quite an effect on one’s memory, have you noticed that with yours?
PB: Between being pregnant and the tequila, I don’t know where I left my keys half the time.

That’s good, I’m starting to regret inviting him to my house, and am hoping he forgets how he got here.

TSS: Thanks for your time, Pat. I hope we can get together again in about a month or so and get an update.
PB: Yea sure whatever. You got that fifty bucks you promised me?
TSS: Sure, that you remember.

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2 Responses to “TeeShirtSoup.com EXCLUSIVE: My Interview With The Second Pregnant Man”

  1. but the big question is: are his boobs sore??

  2. Bob – this is very entertaining I love it. Next time please get into the nursing debate with Pat that should really stir the pot for all those “hell bent on breast feeding” moms!