Just Another Soupy Public Service


Ten signs that the guy down the block is a child molester:

10. He’s the first one at the school bus stop EVERY morning, and he doesn’t have any kids.

9. He starts every conversation with, “While I was molesting this kid last night…”

8. Everytime you run into him at the park he shows you the perfect place to stand by the slide so you can see up the girls’ skirts.

7. The license plate on his custom van is KIDTCHR.

6. Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC comes to his house.

5. There always seem to be protesters on the sidewalk outside his house.

4. He gives wine coolers to Trick-or-Treaters.

3. He introduces himself as Bill, but says, “You can call me Chester.”

2. Whenever you change your daughter’s diaper he reminds you to “wipe front to back, away from her snatch.”

1. He’s got a Craig’s List ad advertising “FREE PONY RIDES”

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2 Responses to “Just Another Soupy Public Service”

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