What’s In A Name?


Okay, I’d say the PR firm that handles Craig’s List has been working overtime lately, huh?  First off, I think we all know it’s the best place to find a prostitute when you’re visiting a new city (or just relaxing at home), and now we have the Craig’s List Killer.  I don’t care how successful you are, that’s gotta put a damper on business.  Imagine the WalMart Strangler, The Staples Easy Button Rapist, or the Disney Stalker.  Or, maybe it’s a way for psychopaths to cash in on the whole corporate sponsorship thing.

“But Soupy,” you ask, “what does any of this have to do with Earth Day?”  I’m glad you asked.  Ira Einhorn, one of the men responsible for creating Earth Day in 1970, was also known by another name — The Unicorn Killer.  Don’t bother looking for his name in any Earth Day promotional literature; organizers (I’m starting to hate that word) have taken great pains to distance themselves from him and his legacy.

In September of 1977, Einhorn, a counter-culture icon and revered member of the Philadelphia liberal intelligentsia, bludgeoned his girlfriend of 5 years, Holly Maddux to death, fracturing her skull in multiple places, then stuffed her body into a trunk in his closet where it ”composted” for the next 18 months.

For those of you keeping score, here’s the death toll:

Ira Einhorn (Rabid Environmentalist) – 1
Global Warming (Man Caused Disaster) – 0

Happy Earth Day!

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6 Responses to “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Happy Earth Day, I knew hardcore environmentalists could be crazy, but dang!

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