Strike Three


I have, with little exception, been a staunch supporter of the much maligned Philadelphia sports fan.  I’ve never been able to fathom how our “passion” could be so misunderstood by a national audience.  And I viewed every questionably derogatory comment out of Tim McCarver’s mouth as a slap in our collective face.

But our character can only be as strong as those we allow to represent us, and to paraphrase retired (?) NFL coach, Dennis Green, maybe we are who they thought we were.

Earlier this year, a slob from southern New Jersey made national news after forcing his finger down his throat and vomiting on an off-duty cop’s daughter at Citizen’s Bank Park.  And two nights in a row this week an errant fan needed to be corralled from the playing field at “The Bank.” The first of these also made national news as he was tasered by an on-duty cop.

Are Philadelphia fans on the same road as Islam?  Since 9/11, we’ve all been told repeatedly that Muslims are fundamentally good and peace loving people, and I agree that the vast majority probably are.  Yet those good, Allah-fearing Muslims have allowed terrorists and savage murderers to marry acts of despicable treachery to their religion.  Were they outraged?  Maybe, but certainly not enough to stop them.

Sound familiar, Philly fan?

Maybe we should force the leaders we’ve elected to represent us to do something about the idiots we’ve allowed to personify us.  Tasering is not a deterrent; last night proved that.  Local/national radio host Tony Bruno from 97.5 FM The Fanatic   in Philadelphia, advocated on his show this afternoon that the fine for trespassing on the field be raised from the current, laughable $300 to a more sturdy $10,000.  Other than requiring our local government to actually do something, it’s the best idea I’ve heard so far.

Or perhaps we owe it to ourselves, and our reputation to stop these assholes from getting on the field in the first place.  If that means taking the tenth beer out of your friend’s hand in the parking lot before the game, then maybe that’s what we need to do.

Just my two-cents.

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3 Responses to “Strike Three”

  1. Thanks for the mention. Lots of hand-wringing and tough talk on the local and national airwaves the last few days, so I just tried to use logic and suggest a local politico help toughen the laws.
    The great news – someone listened and tomorrow, I will have a local councilman on 97.5fm at noon who wants to change the ordinance and really put a hurting on future fame-seekers and trouble makers.

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  3. This is the reason I keep going to this site. I can not believe how many posts I missed since I was here last!