Naughty By Nature? Part Deux (that’s gay for two)


Last night I was discussing my last post with a friend, and we actually stumbled upon a real answer to the question of whether people are born gay or not. It is actually so simple I’m surprised no one’s brought it up before.

I think we can all agree that there is definitely a gay “accent,” for lack of a better word — that limpwristed, effeminate (I don’t think I ever wrote that word before, it looks really weird written out) lilt that we’ve all become familiar with thanks to people like Liberace, Richard Simmons, Charles Nelson Reilly, Perez Hilton, Lamar LeTrell, you get the point. I’ve also noticed that this gay “accent” always seems to trump any regional accent that should by all rights affect the person in question.

So all you need to do is look for the origin of the gay “accent” for that person. If a young homosexual from Texas spoke with an adorable southern drawl until the age of fourteen before his voice “changed,” then he made a choice OR pehaps a choice was made for him. But if he spoke with that nasal fag voice ever since you can ‘member, he was probably born gay.

Take it from Soupy, sometimes the answers really are that simple.  And as far as lesbians go, I think we can all agree that butch lesbians were all born that way, and the better looking ones are just trying to shock people and aren’t really gay.

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