Gimme A Venti Non-Fat Same Sex Marriage

I prefer to keep my rants more anti-government than political. I have been traditionally married for over 19 years, and really have no issue whatsoever with same sex marriage. I do however feel that when a legislature, like the one in California, takes the easy way out (politically speaking) and refuses to take a side publicly for fear of supplying ammunition to their opponents in the next election, and puts the issue in the voters’ hands in the form of a Proposition, they should be forced to live with the results.

And I’d like to meet (no I wouldn’t) the person who is surprised that Starbucks would support same sex marriage. Are we so hypnotized by the bean that we don’t realize what subculture we’ve allowed ourselves to drift into. It was never about the coffee; the coffee was just a means to an end. They simply found something that millions of people have in common – the need for coffee – infuse it with some acoustic singer/songwriter warbling, and send us on our way one step closer to all thinking alike. They could have just as easily used bacon or ketchup.

Besides, I didn’t really see anything that crazy about what their CEO said anyway.

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