Comment Challenge VIII

 This post is a special VIDEO Comment Challenge.  The “artist” disabled comments on the video’s YouTube page, so I thought I would move it over here.  A little backstory on video’s star:  Noah Ross toiled as an intern for  The Opie and Anthony Show where he worked day and night on his song, Jewlia, which he eventually retitled Julia (even though the license plate on the Rolls still says Jewlia).  He hails from a wealthy family. which is no doubt how this vanity project got produced in the first place. 

Douchebaggery abounds in this romp down Rodeo Drive (?). Have fun, and please leave your comments below.

He’s a real song and dance man. It shows tremendous professionalism that he didn’t slip and sing the name “Julius,” the true inspiration for this homage.

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5 Responses to “Comment Challenge VIII”

  1. Nice to see Bud Bundy getting work again.

  2. This is for real?? It makes my hair hurt…

  3. lmao @ Brian
    @ Hare Band, I know exactly how you feel

  4. A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.

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