Comment Challenge IX: Jamie Moyer

Less than three years shy of the semi-centennial anniversary of his birth, Jamie Moyer’s arm seems to be defying the odds.  And it would appear in a preemptive strike against the inevitable steroid rumors, the Philadelphia Phillies have released the photo below apparently taken just after Jamie’s round of estrogen injections, and subsequent breast implant surgery.


Please comment with your captions.  And be creative, because I’m cherrypicking all the easy ones.

Looks like he’s throwing the ol’ curves ball.
Why do I keep picturing him being chased by Morganna, the Kissing Bandit?
When his major league career is over, Jamie plans to coach in Japan for the Tune-In Tokyos.
47 year old pitcher’s arm defies the odds, while his bountiful breasts defy gravity.
Well, that’s what happens when you saddle a kid with a stripper name.
“Yea, my fastball tops out around 75. I’d like to see you try to pitch with these things.”

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5 Responses to “Comment Challenge IX: Jamie Moyer”

  1. Now pitching for the Phillies: Jamie “The Mammaries” Moyer! ((Moyer)) (((moyer)))

  2. Here’s a list of other teams that Jamie would consider waiving his ‘no trade clause’ to play for:
    Seattle Mammaries
    Baltimire Areolas
    Cleavage Indians
    and the Minnesota Twins
    but definitely not the Oakland As, unless they change their name to the Oakland Full Cs

  3. PLAY BY PLAY GUY: “The crowd is not boo-ing him. They’re yelling, “Boooooooobs! Booooobs!”

  4. “I dreamed I threw a fast ball in my Maidenform Bra.”

  5. I not only need to shave my face, but my nipples could use some manscaping as well. Oh, and what deoderant are you ladies using these days?

    PS – love the new blog design Bobby Boy.