Comment Challenge V

Even though it’s just another Caption Challenge, I still like to stay topical.  (But why do they all seem to revolve around asses?)


Sorry, no headstart this time.

Hard to believe Ben would be hanging out at a college bar with all that waiting at home.

Big Ben, meet Big Bertha.

“I, the Honorable Luke Ravenstahl, mayor of the fine city of Pittsburgh, am proud to unveil our new School Bus #7, which will serve the Greater Allegheny County School District.”

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5 Responses to “Comment Challenge V”

  1. Putting the “offensive” in offensive line.

  2. Where the Victoria’s Secret catalog had that certain “something”, the new Philly Tent and Awning catalog had a whole lot of “something else”.

  3. Coincidentally, whichever internal organ I just projectile-vomited onto my desk matches her posterior parachute.

  4. Having been suspended, Roethlisberger, refuses to play with tight ends anymore.

  5. Ben, I know the handcuffs are down here somewhere…