Comment Challenge IV

Now that Brian has finally weighed in on Caption Challenge III, I can post this little leftover I had from my Bad Tattoos post from a month ago:


This time I’m giving you guys a 6 hour headstart.  But if there’s anything left to say after 7:00 PM EDT, I’ll mop it up.  Have fun and Happy Wednesday!

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9 Responses to “Comment Challenge IV”

  1. “Oh no,” thought Pac Man, “sounds like he’s brewing up some more power pellets!”

  2. To some, a lame-ass tattoo. To its owner, an illustration of complex irony. Pitting Toru Iwatani’s game based on the simplification of the act of eating against the exit point for the product OF eating, he has created a visual metaphor of the frustration found on level 256 of the game.

  3. You should see his girlfriend’s “Pitfall” tattoo.

  4. He avoided Blinky and Pinky with very little difficulty; the real challenge of this level will be avoiding the brown ghost — Stinky.

  5. Will you go tell the guy with the change belt that I lost my quarter in the coin slot.

  6. Wait, how the hell am I supposed to play? The joystick’s all the way around the other side.

  7. Pac had eaten a lot that day: a strawberry, an orange, some paper, an apple, a melon,a Galaxian, a bell, a key, a pimple, and something that tasted like a peanut…

  8. A “Centipede” joke here would be too easy. Thus:
    Having that third nipple really made Fred’s Frogger tattoo an impressive complement to this Pac-tastic art.

  9. In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.