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Even I’m not safe from my microscope of sarcasm, cynicism, and truth.  I don’t really know what the hell’s the matter with me lately, my emotions are bubbling very close to the surface.  I think I actually may have cried at every episode of American Idol this year.  Movies and songs are “affecting me” more than ever.   I could make some manly excuse like I haven’t been getting alot of sleep lately, or I hit my thumb with a hammer, or got bit by a shark.  But that’s not it.

In the case of American Idol, the whole idea of someone putting everything on the line for their dream has really gotten to me this year.  Maybe my age has something to do with that, but I’ve been equally moved by their successes and failures.  As far as the movies and songs go, I suspect it’s some of the same; but there’s always been movies that have made me cry.  Hell, I’ve cried during an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 (no, not the “Donna Martin Graduates!” episode).

Why am I telling you all this?  Simple, so you believe me when I tell you something embarrassing about someone else.  And so I can present a countdown (just in time for the Oscars) of my top 5 tear-jerker movies, and the scenes that turn me into a girl.

5.  Dead Poets Society:  There are two scenes from this movie that get me.  The first is when Neil, played by Robert Sean Leonard kills himself in his father’s study.  There is dead silence in place of the gunshot, and the father wakes up suddenly, and you can see that he knows what happened.  The second scene is at the end **SPOILER ALERT** when Robin Williams is being unceremoniously led from the classroom, and previously timid Todd Anderson climbs onto his desk followed by the rest of the class.

4.  Rocky:  Yea, the first one.  **SPOILER ALERT**  At the end of the fight, and Rocky has gone the distance and he’s looking for Adrienne, and the song Going The Distance is playing.

3.  Forrest Gump:  When Forrest learns he has a son (played by Haley Joel Osment.  Incidentally, Pay It Forward could have easily made this list), and he asks Jenny if he’s smart or like him.

2.  Armageddon:  Two scenes here too.  Obviously **SPOILER ALERT** at the end when Bruce Willis sacrifices his life for Ben Affleck’s, but also when Will Patton’s character goes to see his son before they go into space and the boy’s mother tells his son that Will is just a stranger.  Then the next day, he sees Will on TV getting ready to board the space shuttle, and he tells his mom that stranger is on TV.  Between sobs, I scream at the TV, “That’s your dad.”

1.  Field Of Dreams:  Two scenes back to back.  First when Ray’s daughter falls off the stands choking on a hot dog, and Dr. Moonlight Graham crosses over the line of rocks (becoming an old man again) to save her life, and Ray realizes that Moonlight can’t go back.  And then, of course, the **SPOILER ALERT**  “Hey… Dad… do you wanna have a catch?” scene.

That’s my list.  I know I left some out.  Comment below with yours, or Facebook users can go here to post your list.  I will even tell you which episode of BH 90210 illicited my tears to ensure that I’m in no position to make fun of you. 



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2 Responses to “Soup Fag”

  1. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to see things differently.

  2. can i get more of this?