Jefe Undercover (Undercover Boss)


This past Sunday, after the Superbowl, Undercover Boss premiered with a 20.3/33 rating.  That means 33% of people didn’t change the channel after the game, and I honestly have no idea what the first number means, but it’s pretty good. 

Larry O’Donnell, President and COO of Waste Management, goes “under cover” in a variety of different menial roles throughout the company in the show’s first episode.  He meets all these hard-working, bucket-pissing, double-docked, employees with personal stories that are meant to stir our emotions.  And I guess we’re supposed to feel good about businessmen all of a sudden too, although I notice they didn’t feature AIG’s CEO in either of the first two episodes (for the record, I am typically pro-business and hate it when the government tries to tamper with the free market, I just know how preachy these shows can be).

Well Larry learns how hard everyone’s jobs are and the terrible conditions that some of his decisions have resulted in for the workers on the front lines, and he swore to do something about it, and all that other happy horseshit. 

Blah, blah, blah.

It reminded me of a managerial strategy I used to employ when I worked in fast-food, and auto rental in Phoenix.  I called it “Surprise, your boss speaks Spanish too!”  I’d wander around the facility until I would eventually overhear some disgruntled Latino workers complaining about their hours or their pay or maybe even their new boss.  Then I wait for one of them to say something especially incriminating, and I would just simply agree with him…  in Spanish.  The looks on their faces is priceless, and you’d be amazed how loyal they become after that. 

Good times.  Good times.



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2 Responses to “Jefe Undercover (Undercover Boss)”

  1. Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

  2. You really outdid yourself this post. I hope this keeps up