Farrah Who?


An actress, a late-night talkshow sidekick, and the King of Pop are standing outside the Pearly Gates.

ACTRESS: I was an original Angel, so I get in automatically, right?
The KOP: Where do you keep the children? I love children.
The LNTS: (bellows) Ho ho! He loves children! Hey-oh!
ACTRESS: My ass still hurts. Should my ass still hurt?

One of the first things they should tell you when you become famous is to never die on the same day as someone more famous than you. Well Farrah Fawcett now joins the list of celebrities who should have known better.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on the Fourth of July in 1826. Jefferson got the nickel and a brief run on the ill-conceived two dollar-bill. Adams got a mini-series (albeit Award-winning) 180 years later. At least he didn’t get a “I died on the same day as Thomas Jefferson and all I got was this stupid tee shirt” from TeeShirtSoup.com

I’m sure Frederico Fellini had some peculiar mental images of what the day he died would be like. I wonder if he imagined all the press going to the shocking death of River Phoenix.

Then two equally famous authors, C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley had the misfortue of dying the same day that JFK’s head went famously back and to the left. Camelot got a lot more press than Narnia or the Brave New World that day. Hell, they just got around to making the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe movies a couple years ago.

Poor Farrah. Everyone will be talking about Jacko for days to come, and he even seemed to go in a much more comfortable manner. I’ll take cardiac arrest over anal cancer any day, of course I would also never give my balloon knot to the Six Million Dollar Man either.

Farrah, Michael – RIP

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