So The First Jackass Said… Then The Second Jackass Said…

Jeff, I know the hair on your arms is standing up right now.

It is so entertaining to hear two pseudo-intellectuals weigh in on the Tax Day Tea Parties. Look, I don’t know how many people across the country attended the rallies, but I imagine it is somewhere between what the right and the left are saying. It is amazing though with all of those misfiring synapses of the “teabagging rednecks’ ” enlarged limbic brains, that there was no violence reported.

I think it is kind of inspiring to see people stand up and say enough is enough. It makes for great movie endings, but I guess if it is not organized by ACORN, the media doesn’t know what to make of it.

And by the way Ms. Garofolo, “teabagging” is a much more popular activity in Nancy Pelosi’s district than it is in any region of the country where “rednecks’ hail from (with the exception of Brokeback Mountain). Your face has helped you land a role in an animated film. What will you do when we’re tired of your voice as well?

Olbermann, you’re next!

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3 Responses to “So The First Jackass Said… Then The Second Jackass Said…”

  1. Typical hypocritical hate spewing baseless rant from the compassionate sect. The anger within is amazing—I feel sorry for her—it has to be tough to carry that around.

    The tea parties had nothing to do with race. Her words are more fitting of those in the deep South after final defeat in 1865—no couldn’t be, that was the separatist Democratic party saying awful things like that.

  2. I wish I had sound on my computer. I really want to hear what she said.

  3. No you don’t, Jim.