Obama’s Tongue’s Like A Bull In A China Shop

Put the “Lipstick on a pig” comment aside for a moment. What the hell happened to the great orator B.H.O. If G.W. Bush stumbled like that over a prepared statement, he would have been crucified.

Now for the comment. I think the Obama camp just out-clevered themselves on this one. They found a way to take a shot a Sarah Palin while criticizing John McCain’s idea of change. It’s what politicians do. If they are able to take a word or phrase from your opponent and turn it to further your cause, it will have that much more impact. He certainly knew the implication of the statement. He and his writers certainly knew the connection between this analogy and Sarah Palin’s hockey-mom/pitbull comment at the convention. And they were proud of it. They were proud of how clever they were to come up with it. Oh how smart they are.

And the proof that Obama absolutely intended this statement as a slam on Gov. Palin is the way he stumbled over the words. I mean, when does Obama ever have a problem delivering a speech? I know for me anyway, it’s tough to get the words out right when I am saying something to intentionally hurt someone. Maybe he’s human after all.

Anyway, here’s some more cliches Obama can use if he wants (free of charge, of course):

“You can take the guy out of the POW camp, but you can’t take the POW camp out of the guy.”

“You can teach a Down Syndrome kid that 2 + 2 = 4, but he’s still a Down Syndrome kid.”

“Daddy’s Baby, Mama’s maybe.”

“It’s like water under the bridge to nowhere.”

Please comment with your own if you can figure out how.

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