No Way Out

Does anybody remember a little film from 1987 called No Way Out? It starred Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman and a pre “cat-shit nuts” Sean Young. 

For those of you who don’t know it, Sean Young is accidentally killed by Secretary of Defense David Brice, played by Hackman.  She was having an affair with him as well as Kevin Costner.  Brice’s assistant tries to divert attention away from him by blaming the murder on a Russian spy named Yuri.  Here’s where it gets interesting for the purposes of my blog.  There was a legend of this Russian spy who grew up here in the United States, went to school here, and for all intents and purposes moved through society as an American citizen, perhaps he even ranked highly in the federal government.  People were split on whether they believed he existed or not.  As it turned out, he did.

Could something like that ever happen today?  Could a spy or say a person with ties to known and unrepentant terrorists ever be able to pull something like that off here, today?  I mean he could go to school here and blend in with us and our children and even get involved with some pretty radical groups.  He could achieve the American Dream and buy a house, or have one bought for him.  Whatever, but there’s no way he or she could ascend to the highest levels of our government, right?  There’s no way such a tremendous fraud could be perpetrated on a post 9/11 America.  I don’t see how, we’d have to be pretty stupid for something like that to happen.

What do you think?  Too conspiratorial?  I thought it was pretty subtle, I mean it’s not like I called him Barack Yuri Obama.  Besides, the Russian angle would be a little dated, his middle name would have to be something more “terrorist-y” like Hussein or something.

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