Just Try To Get A Table At Red Lobster Tonight


Wait… what, you’re not a politician?

This next video is eerily similar to parts of my reaction, especially at the beginning.

I guess I need to get this out of the way, Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama.

I ventured out from my office at lunch time because I wanted to see firsthand, the reaction to the historic election results, and I have to say I was a bit surprised by what I saw. First of all I commute about 50 minutes to scenic Camden, NJ (which is no longer the Murder Capital of the country since a large percentage of the population have been murdered or are in prison for murder), and I have to admit I thought the traffic would be a little lighter today (I’m not sayin… I’m just sayin’), but I did leave later than usual.

Anyway, the mood I noticed among the black people I came in contact with either at the Burger King drive-thru or Wal-Mart, was very subdued. The girl at Burger King looked and sounded so disappointed that her life wasn’t drastically different when she woke up this morning. The mood at Wal-Mart was much the same. Maybe I’m crazy, but I just expected a little more smiling, or high fiving, or tap dancing… something. I’m afraid that some of the black people here have set their expectations a little too high, and I will wait impatiently for the day when the Prez Elect’s supporters realize that spread the wealth means they are going to have to give two of their four spinner rims, and some of their Bling to the Mexicans down the street.

And, boy that McCain can sure give a concession speech. He should deliver them for every losing candidate.

I am trying to be optimistic (can’t you tell), but there is one thing Obama could have done in the course of this campaign that would have won even me over. I thought he needed to acknowledge that he got where he did by taking advantage of the opportunities that are already available to every American citizen. And that American citizens should expect no less of themselves. Of course then he would have been a conservative and not a socialist.

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