“I love my kids.” “You’re SUPPOSED to love your kids.” My apologies to Chris Rock

I can just see it now:

SASHA OBAMA: Hi, Prime Minister of China.

BARACK OBAMA: Daddy’s working right now, honey.

SASHA: I want a bowl of ice cream.

BARACK: Honey, Daddy needs to have grown-up talk with the Prime Minister.

SASHA: Do you like rice, Mr. Prime Minister? Have you ever been to P.F. Changs?

You have a family, we get it! And your daughter can be as cute and precocious as Rudy Huxtable — How adorable and unthreatening and just like the rest of us. My favorite part of the whole evening was when Michelle Obama said to her husband, “That’s Sasha,” like she was introducing him to a child that had arrived from Central Casting to play their daughter while he was in St. Louis or Kansas City or wherever he was.

I’m not saying his children were misbehaved or acting in a way that I wouldn’t expect children their age to act. They don’t seem to need ritalin, or tough love or anything. It was just a stark contrast to the indellible image of JFK’s kids on the tarmac that we have all seen. And hey, I like to pick the most trivial things I can, and try to make them uber-important. It’s what I do.

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One Response to ““I love my kids.” “You’re SUPPOSED to love your kids.” My apologies to Chris Rock”

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