DNC Wraps Up

Okay here we go, I’m just gonna come out and say it. I think Obama did a hell of a job last night. His speech was well crafted and he delivered it expertly. It didn’t come off especially slick or anything. Everything just seemed to work, from the speech to the spectacle. Even the “Barackopolis” set translated pretty well on TV, and I was expecting it to look like the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy.” I at least expected him to ride in on an ass (a piggy-back ride from Nancy Pelosi would do), and have celebrities throw palm fronds in his path.

But there was none of that. In fact, I even got to the point last night where I questioned myself, “Am I just critical of him because he’s black? Am I just being prejudiced (for those of you who don’t remember what prejudice is, I think we just call it all racism these days)?” I really don’t think that’s the case, but I was willing to explore the possibility.

Now for the critical part. (C’mon, you knew it was coming.) I think the reason his speech was so compelling, aside from Obama’s delivery, was that it was basically a case for what America should be. Hell, I could make Matthew Modine weep doing that. Now, I didn’t expect Barack to give a long list of how he propose to get to this wonderful Land of Milk and Cookies. That’s what the debates are for. Nevertheless, I am very skeptical how he will be able to get any of it past a congress that is corrupted not by special-interest, but by self-interest.

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