Convention Kick-Off

Was the former First Lady slighted by B.H.O.’s selection of Joe Biden as a running mate? I’m sure these two beauty queens would think so.

I don’t typically agree with B.H.O.’s view on things (I am looking forward to the day when Oprah has to take time out of her show and apologize to everyone for unleashing him on America, and bringing evil into the world), but even I can see how Hillary would have been a less than stellar choice. First off, how can you run on a platform of “Change,” and then invite a Clinton back into the White House. At that point, he might as well have chosen Jeb Bush. Secondly, who can point out Obama’s weaknesses better than the NY senator? That was rhetorical. Besides, if she were his V.P. there’d be no way she’d let him fill his cabinet with all of his half-brothers, and appoint Tony Rezko as the head of Housing and Urban Development.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge McCain guy either, I don’t trust anyone who wants to be President, but he is easily the lesser of two evils. And isn’t that how we choose our leaders these days? The John McCain of 8 years ago would be a no-brainer (Not like George W is a no-brainer), but this time around, I can only hope.

The sooner the two candidates start really throwing personal attacks at each other, the sooner they will engage the great majority of the population, and we can start basing our decision on tabloid trivia rather than forcing the candidates to illustrate their actual plan for governing.

Who knows, maybe Hillary will still get her party’s nomination. Check out this rare footage I found of a young Hillary Clinton:

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