An Elephant In Donkey’s Clothing

About a year ago, I posed this question to myself:  How in the hell is a Republican going to win the Presidential Election?

The answer came to me yesterday:  By posing as a very very liberal Democrat.

Okay, disregard every bad thing I said about our President Elect, the Honorable Barack H. Obama.  And for Christ’s sake, stop bugging him about his birth certificate.  Go find yours; it’s not easy, is it?  I was wrong. There I said it…  I… was… wrong. 

I didn’t know he just made up all that stuff he was saying during the election.  I didn’t realize he espoused socialism just to appeal to a base that even he saw as a bit wacky.  And voting “PRESENT” all those times, a stroke of genius not tipping your hand, sir (Holy shit, was Keith Olberman in on it?).

Now that you’re in, and have kept President Bush’s Secretary of Defense and made other very moderate cabinet selections (what can those crazy libs do about it now, huh Barry?  May I call you Barry?) I wish you would have at least given us conservatives out here a heads up or something.  A little wink if you will.  I would have proudly displayed an Obama/Biden sign in my front yard if I only knew your plan.

Your proud and impressed constituent,
Bob the Soupman

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6 Responses to “An Elephant In Donkey’s Clothing”

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  3. The problem with this country is BOTH the Democrats and Republicans. Anyone who seriously thinks that one side isn’t corrupt or slaves to Corporate America hasn’t done an adequate job of paying attention. To the Republicans: The GW administration will go down in History as one of the worst administrations. They eroded your constitutional rights, expanded the power of the wealthy elite, invaded countries under false pretenses, destroyed diplomatic relations with the rest of the world, and spent money like it was going out of style. To the Democrats: Obama is a dud. He promised much and has turned out to be another corporate lackey. He made deals with big pharma to ensure you could not get your medication cheaper elsewhere, he flip flopped on military tribunals, he refuses to fix health care properly through nationalization or single payer, he populates his inner circle with more Wall Street insiders, he spends money on bailouts and useless stimulus packages.

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