A Little Political, And A Little Olympical

The Olympics kicked off with the highest rated Opening Ceremonies in recent memory.  Everytime I catch an event, the USA seems to be doing really well.  But it’s boring.  I like cheering for the USA, but there is a large part of me that is left unsatisfied; the part of me that loves to root against somebody.  Where are our enemies of Olympics past?  Where is the Russian team from the Cold War era.  Where’s the East German women’s powerlifring team with more hair on their ass than the Greek men’s diving team (and more testosterone too)?

The Olympics, just like all sports (I couldn’t imagine being an Eagles fan without having pure and unadulterated hatred for the Cowboys), are just plain better when you have someone or something to root against.  It’s that simple.  Sure I get as upset as the next guy at a trash talking Australian swimmer, but it’s not the same.  I can only hope for a Gold Medal basketball game between the USA and a joint squad from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Like that’s gonna happen. :(  

I guess it’s just as well, because I don’t think I could take it if I saw a bunch of Americans (you know who you are, with your Smart Car in your driveway and your Obama sign on your lawn) rooting for the opponent because it’s just not fair that they should have to play our superior NBA players. 

When did it become fashionable to feel guilty for being good at something anyway?  It’s the same goddamned philosophy that is causing this War on Terror to drone on for five years.  Remember when we were Shockin’ and Awein’ their asses.  This war could have been overwith quicker than the first Gulf War, but for some reason we took our foot off their throats.  I guess we must have been a little embarrassed about our superior firepower. 




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