You’ve Got Potential


As someone who’s always counted his chickens before they’ve hatched, I decided it would be smarter to start selling eggs.

The days of starting a business, and growing it into something that will support you and your family are over.  That’s the way your father did it, or your grandfather (or immigrants); they worked hard and were compensated based on their abilities.  Their income was inextricably linked to the success of the firm, but the success of the firm was also tied to factors outside their control.

With crippling taxes and box stores like WalMart undercutting today’s small businesses, the mom and pops that were once the backbone of our society, the ability of these businessmen (/women) to keep putting food on their families’ tables has been compromised.  That’s a problem.

So what happened to the American Dream? Has our collective entrepreneurial spirit disappeared?

I don’t think it’s disappeared, but it has shifted. Instead of ability, experience, and achievement determining value (of a firm or an individual, or even an idea), potential is the key factor considered. This fundamental shift is easy enough to observe in professional sports as well as the stock market.

So what does this mean for us, and more importantly how can we use it to our advantage?

Let’s compare starting a business to incubating an egg. You tend to it, spending hours managing the conditions that you have power over hoping that you did enough to achieve success. And even if you’ve done everything “right” there is no guarantee that you’ll get your “chicken.” Even in the best case scenario, you have to take care of the chicken in the hopes that you can do it all over again. To me, that seems like a long process that would be difficult to stay ahead of.

Now, what if you didn’t have to wait for the eggs to hatch? What if you only had to demonstrate the potential of your eggs to become chickens? You can then market your “eggs” to firms with the specific skill set of converting eggs to chicks. Chances are they would be able to do so more efficiently and cost-effectively than you, which probably would have made it even more difficult for you to be competitive had you held on to your egg and tried hatch your own chicken.

So, when It comes down to it, the most important skill for success in this new century is pretty much the same as it always has been; the product has just changed slightly. Find the potential in your business plan, and SELL the hell out of it.

P.S.  I realize this is not a funny post, but sometimes it is better to try not to be funny and succeed, than try to be funny and fail.

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  3. Amazing!!! I found this on yahoo poking around for something completely unrelated- and now I’m going to have to go all the old posts :) So long spare time today, but this was a spectacular find.