Repent! The End Is Near

Okay I believe in God, and I believe that if I was indeed created in His image then He has a tremendous sense of irony, and that amageddon will be more ironic than fiery or floody.  Yes, the end of the world will come much less tempestuously than that, and it will be at our hands (literally) not His, and is already underway. 

Are you ready?  Two words:  Anti-bacterial soap (I think that’s two words).  While we believe as humans, we are protecting ourselves and our children (let’s not forget the children), we are effectively destroying our immune system.  All the while, the germs we are trying to eradicate are evolving — evolving into super-germs to combat our chemical high-handedness.  This combination of super-germs and a weakened immune system (I mean let’s face it, there are a lot more food allergies than there used to be) is a recipe for disaster.  Did I just say “recipe for disaster?”  What a horrible unoriginal cliche.  Any, I think at this point you all know what I mean.  This is a crisis far more threatening than global warming, and we may already be too late to do anything about it.

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One Response to “Repent! The End Is Near”

  1. Nice post Bob! What’s the tee shirt concept behind this one? Or are you still cooking that up? I’ll stay tuned.