Purpose Driven Life

Wouldn’t it suck to find out that your whole purpose here on Earth was to become friends with some asshole you met at a frat party in 1991, so that he could marry another acquaintence of yours like 8 years later only to have two kids and get divorced 4 years after that, and the youngest of this asshole’s children’s great-grandson would become a junior high teacher and say something mildly profound, yet be misunderstood by one of his students, and that student would go on to base his whole life on that misunderstanding and become ultra successful, and then dedicate the rest of his life to helping those less fortunate?

Thanks God, glad I could make a difference.

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2 Responses to “Purpose Driven Life”

  1. Look at that, you were a positive influence!

  2. I ended up on your site a little while ago and I just cannot get enough! Please keep writing!