On Our Way


I always thought the quote, “…money is the root of all evil” came from some jealous sour-grapes mofo who simply didn’t have the downpayment on happiness. And maybe it is.

You know those movies like Mad Max, 12 Monkeys, and even Back to the Future 2 with its alternate 1988? Movies that have a less than optimistic take on our future? I always wondered how society in those films ever got to that point – that Sodom-n-Gamorrah-y point of debauchery. (money)

Luckily that couldn’t happen to us. We’re a civilized bunch of people; we’re principled, we have morals, ideals, standards. And we stick up for them. (money)

I turned on the news today and the talking head was reading a story about the pending approval of a casino in a landmark building right here in Philadelphia. (money) That would be the fourth (or the fifth depending when it all goes through) within about 35 minutes. Now, I’m not going to get all preachy about the ills of gambling, but the whole thrust of their story was that this would bring much needed tax revenue (money) to the city.

Marijuana is as close as it has ever been to being legalized. That in and of itself doesn’t bother me. I mean, is it really more dangerous than tobacco or nicotine? But let’s debate the actual issue and legalize it or not based on the merits of that argument. We are rushing to legalize it because we desperately need the ($) tax money.

So, I guess that’s how the societies in those movies get that way. (money) I guess their government wasted all the tax money they were given too.

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