I Have A Dream

Here’s a question that seems pretty simple on the surface:

Which would be a greater stride in the Civil Rights Movement:  a President Obama or a Hurricane Shamiqua?

Admittedly, electing a black president would certainly be a huge step in the pursuit of racial equality, but until we have a Hurricane LaShondra, Malik, or De’Andre, it only illustrates how far we still have to go.  Either these names have yet to become mainstream enough to make a list at the Weather Channel, or “white guilt” still won’t allow us to replace names like Brittany, Muffy, or Todd with a decidedly “black name” to describe a terrifying destructive force of nature. 

Either way, we’ve still got a way to go.

As a society, we just seem to get it backwards everytime.  What if corporations replaced “Diversity Training” with “Similarity Training.”  What if instead of concentrating on all of the differences between us, we looked at all the things we have in common.  It just seems like a more positive step anyway.  And anyone who knows me, knows me to be a positive person. 

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