Can I Get A Scorecard?

Ever since I was threatened with excommunication by my eight grade religion teacher (which is a story for another blog), I have been fascinated with organized religion especially catholicism.  I was baptized catholic and spent 20 years in catholic school (counting the eight years I spent in college), yet I can’t seem to wrap my head around how it works.  There seems to be some sort of point system, but I’m not sure just how many points you need to get to Heaven.  I know you’re born with negative points for Original Sin which we had nothing to do with unless you believe in reincarnation which they don’t.  Then I guess you get points for sacraments and lose points when you break a commandment.  I think molesting an altar boy is a wash though.  I know you supposedly get points when people pray for you, but I don’t know if that only counts when you’re in Purgatory.  Where the hell is Purgatory anyway.  You could buy points in the Middle Ages, that must have been great.  I guess Heaven started getting too full so the Church stopped selling points to help control the population up there.  I like the quantitative approach to spirituality.  It really eliminates alot of the guesswork.

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