Black Black Friday

I’ve decided to not mention that my tee shirt designs are “Coming Soon!,” nor will I hype the arrival of said designs in any way if it helps to save even one person from being trampled when I do finally unveil my e-storefront.  Instead my tee shirts will appear with (I’m sure) very little fanfare, no pandemonium, and very very safely.

Haha, i’ll bet you guys thought this was gonna be a racial post, didn’t you?

Like all of you, I was shocked when I learned about the Black Friday trampling death at a Long Island WalMart.  I was shocked that people could run over top of other people and nothing in their brain would tell them to stop.  I was shocked to learn that alien ships had not in fact landed in the WalMart parking lot causing the people to force themselves inside for saftey.  I was shocked that something like this could happen in America.

I’ve always been a staunch supporter of “survival of the fittest,” and culling of the herd, but this incident has gone a long way in challenging that notion for me. At least there is room for compassion. We’re not savages after all, are we?

As for me, I made a list of the top ten things I would be comfortable trampling someone to death to get to, and with the exception of a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi, none of them are available at WalMart. Maybe I’ll publish the list sometime, but not now. It’s just too soon.

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4 Responses to “Black Black Friday”

  1. I remember in the seventies there was a trampling at a Who concert in Cincinnati when they started warming up and fans thought they were missing the start of the concert….Who does that?? (no pun intended).

    Good seeing you in the Cuse…thanks for the link.

  2. It’s okay if the pun was intended. Puns can be funny. No really.

    Just Kidding Budman, it was good seeing you and meeting SpaceGal. Me and SoupGal (what do you think of the name, I think it’s kinda catchy) really enjoyed it.

  3. Very funny ! I’ll be reading this blog on a regular basis :)
    Thanks !