Okay this is going to sound weird. I was sitting at Easter services in 2004, and the pastor was reading some pieces of scripture surrounding Jesus’ resurrection. He mentioned something about the rock being rolled away from Jesus’ tomb, and I had a vision of a Rolling Rock bottle. It was as clear as if it were in my hand. Instantly, I knew what the “33″ meant, it was Jesus’ age when he was crucified thus making Rolling Rock the first mainstream Christian Ale.

No wonder it is kept such a secret. If I drink the Rock, does that mean I am pro-Life? What does it say about my views on capital punishment, or stem-cell research? Has my opinion of the DaVinci Code (the book) suddenly changed? These are questions we do not need to contemplate while trying to enjoy a tall cool bottle of suds.

There’s no label on the bottle , so I don’t need one on me when I’m at a bar trying to have a good time.

As far as the horse goes, I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s just on there to distract us.

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