What’s In A Name?


Would a rose by any other name not still flash its beav’ when exiting a limousine or falling off a barstool?

It has recently come to my attention that one of the morning news shows, which shall remain nameless (possible litigation pending), used the word ‘soupy’ to describe the day’s weather.  And it was not used in a particularly complimentary fashion.  Granted, I have not trademarked the name Soupy; I didn’t think it was necessary.  I thought I had established myself as Soupy — a single-named celebrity along the lines of a Bono, Fergie, Madonna, Cher, or Pee Wee.  And I certainly didn’t appreciate having my name, my brand, used to conjure images of a day that is gloomy, dark, miserable, or densely foggy. 

That is why I am suing that television network for *cue heavy echo effect* One Billion Dollars!

I know I probably shouldn’t joke about such a serious subject.  Our name is possibly the most valuable thing we own, and it is worth defending.  Besides, my wife and I are in the process of changing our daughter’s name to Lindsay, and we are still waiting for approval from Ms. Lohan’s underwriting department.


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5 Responses to “What’s In A Name?”

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