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Well, yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Jonestown.  It’s amazing to think that a term like “drinking the Kool-Aid” which is used so often refers to the weapon that killed over 900 people.  It’s also amazing to see how history can be rewritten seemingly unnoticed. 

Most people would describe Jim Jones as a Christian wacko, with perhaps a Messianic complex, but the People’s Temple founded by Jones in 1955 was much more of a political movement than a religious one.  In fact, Jones was an atheist, with more of a Marxist complex than anything else.  They allied themselves with Russia and gave millions of dollars to the communist super power.

But that was yesterday, and I don’t really want to point out how certain cultural movements seem to repeat every 30 years or so.

Little did I know that today would also be a pretty big anniversary as well.  No, I’m not talking about the Gettysburg Address, 7 score and 5 years ago.  Not Ford’s announcement that it was discontinuing production of the Edsel in 1959, nor man’s second landing on the moon ten years after that.  No, I am talking about an event that shook the music world, an event that may have done more to bring record companies to their knees than Napster…

Eighteen years ago, Milli Vanilli was stripped of their Grammy Award after it was revealed that neither “performer” actually sang on the group’s album. 

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