The Most Important Blog Entry Ever Posted

Perhaps I oversold it, and perhaps I’m stuck in 1999, but I am here to talk about the MILF issue.

As a Bachelor of Arts in English/Communications, I almost take it personally when I see words, or in this case acronyms, bastardized.  This indignation even allows me to wax philosophically about a ridiculous term like MILF.  Like with the Constitution, I am much more interested in the spirit of the definition than the letter of the definition. 

Yes, technically the seventeen year old inner city girl who is holding her baby in her junior prom pictures is a mother, but I don’t think that’s what the American Pie Crew meant when they coined the term.  Rather, MILF should be reserved for the woman who through good genetics or alot of effort on her part, remains do-able while gravity (or just plain bad genetics) has laid many of her friends and contemporaries to waste. 

Furthermore ladies (and this bothers me the most about the whole issue), you cannot refer to yourself as a MILF.  The term is MILF (Mom I’d Like To F…), not MYLF (figure it out).  Even if I would like to, it is not up to you to say so, and it just doesn’t make good linguistic sense.

I didn’t notice anyone else taking up this important fight, so I thought why not me.

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