Relationship Thursday 11/13/08

I hit on the sex topic yesterday, and I got to thinking, “What’s sex without a relationship?” Am I right?  I mean anonymous, no-strings-attached sex can be fun (in a hollow, there’s a huge hole in my life kind of way), but it doesn’t hold a candle to all the things that you get with a relationship…  Like talking, shopping together, sharing things, talking, redecorating rooms, turning around and having her be right there — all that good stuff.  But, relationships aren’t always fun and easy either.  They take work, so I decided to make this Relationship Thursday post a regular feature.

Now, I certainly don’t claim to be a relationship expert, so I’ve compiled these videos (teaching aids, really) for you.  They touch on some pretty heavy topics like dealing with an age difference, interracial dating, and the dreaded long distance relationship. Enjoy them, but try to learn something too.


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