On The Down Low?

I know the whole Michael Vick/ dog fighting thing is old news, but I didn’t have a blog when it all went down, and I think I have a little different take on the whole thing.  Maybe I watch too much TV, maybe I’m a bit too conspiratorial in my thought.  At least a little cynical.  Remember the D.C Sniper? I naturally assumed he was just trying to make it appear that his victims were chosen at random, but I figured it would come out that his wife was actually victim #3 or 4.

Anyway, getting back to the Michael Vick thing…  I think we can all pretty much agree that what he and his posse did was despicable. Of course, if it cuts the pitbull population in half, how bad can it really be? Umm, that was a joke. But what if the whole dog fighting ring was a front for a deeper darker secret? I mean, the appalling things they did to those dogs were so sensational that they would most likely keep the media and investigators from digging any deeper.

What if they were on the Down Low?  (For those of you not in the know, being on the Down Low describes a gay relationship between black men, often athletes, yet rejects the notion that any of the participants are gay, bi, or even effeminate). You have to admit it’s a distinct possibility.  And they would certainly go to great lengths to protect their clandestine affairs, up to and including killing innocent dogs and going to jail.

It certainly explains his eagerness to get to prison early.


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