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I saw something today I haven’t seen in like forever here in the Philadelphia suburbs.  I was at my son’s soccer game and I saw an Asian child walking across the field with Asian parents.  When was the last time you’ve seen anything like that?  My sister wanted to go to China to adopt a child, but I suggested she start out adopting a highway and then kind of move up from there.   (You have to know my sister, but that’s really funny.)

I always wondered what would happen if you got a DUI on a stretch of highway that you adopted.  Aside from being doubly embarrassed, would you also be guilty of child abuse, or would you be untouchable since it is now technically your highway?

On a completely different subject, what ages you faster?  Being President of the United States, or being fake married to Tom Cruise?

Also, when was the last time a Vice Presidential nominee made a guy’s “list of women he was allowed to sleep with and his wife couldn’t get mad?” I’ve got a bit of a dilemma on this one, I don’t know who to add, Sarah Palin or Tina Fey.

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