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Here’s another collection of things that don’t really sustain a post on their own.

A couple’a quick Pet Peeves (I need a more manly name for that):

1. When traffic is tied up by some jackass who’s just had a small accident and refuses to move their perfectly driveable vehicle off the goddamn road because they don’t want to disturb the evidence. NEWS FLASH!! Horatio Fucking Caine is not coming to CSI your accident scene. Hummers with Official Use plates are not gonna roll down the shoulder and start picking up peices of your broken headlight with tweezers, placing them carefully in evidence bags. Fender Bender, Miami style. So get your stupid car out of my way, you’re not as important as you think you are.

2. This next one doesn’t inconvenience people like the last one, but it annoys the hell out of me. When you tell someone to look up to see something on the TV, and they never do until the thing you wanted them to see is off the screen. Like an idiot, I still tell people to look at the TV, forgetting that they won’t until they don’t. It makes me want to physically grab their face and aim it at the screen until they see the important thing I need for them to see.

Here’s some observations and commentary:

If you wanna find out if a woman is a lesbian and you don’t want to come out and ask her something so forward, just ask her who her favorite Peanuts character is. If she answers Peppermint Patty (or Marcie, who doesn’t get the same lezzie credit as the gal she affectionately refers to as “Sir.”), well then case closed. If she names another character, you’ll have to ask her the follow-up, “How do you feel about Peppermint Patty?”

Whay can’t the Oracle of Delphi be more specific? If I remember correctly, he told Oedipus’ parents that they would have a son and he would kill his father the king, and sleep with his mother. And that was about all he had to say about it. Had he told them they would have a son whom they would send off with a servant to be killed, but the servant wouldn’t kill him, and he would return on a certain day (be specific) and then kill his father and sleep with his mother, they could have been a little more prepared for him.
Also, wasn’t the Oracle blind. I sure hope he was born that way, because if it happened in an accident that an oracle should have seen coming, that would certainly affect his credibility. At least as far as I’m concerned.

More Funny Vids:

This next vid shows Jimmy Justice who tapes NY Traffic Enforcement people violating traffic laws. Hysterical.

Watch the reaction of the anchors when they cut back to them. It cracks me up

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