Gaze Into My Crystal Balls – Peering Into The Future & My Brush With Time Travel

Let me start by saying I’m not trying to start a religion, a cult or even a movement.  Well maybe a movement, but not the other two (which is a shame because there is a lot of money in them).  But I think I’ve come up with a way to see into the future.  My experiments are still in their infancy and my theory remains yet unproven, but I believe we all have the power to see the future.

First, you have to understand and embrace the premise that we can see the future already and that we do it everyday.  Consider this example, you are driving to work and are approaching an intersection, you notice a car approaching the intersection from a perpendicular road.  You gauge his speed and determine that you will either pass through the intersection unharmed, or that you must stop to avoid an accident.  Either way, you have glimpsed the future.  Sure it is only seconds ahead, but it’s a start.  I am currently learning and practicing looking further ahead.

The future does not exist as something concrete and predictable, however.  It is merely a series of possibilities ready to be effected by the causes in the present.  But those possibilities (that future) can most certainly be seen and considered by a person in the present.  In the example of the cars and the intersection, the possible future is based on something we can see in the present, and it only allows us to see seconds in the future.  If we learn to be more perceptive of our surroundings (which includes people), I believe more of the future will open up to us.

I hope I am making sense, and I hope I am not just stating the obvious.  Don’t you hate when you think you’ve had this incredible epiphany only to realize that everybody else (and I mean everybody) already knew that?

Anyway, my vision of the future certainly does not lend itself to time travel, at least not the way we typically depict it, which is a shame because I am a fan of any time travel show or movie if it is done well (I think it comes from sharing my birthday with H.G. Wells).  Perhaps some form of mental time travel would be possible. 

I mistakenly thought I was a time traveller about 20 years ago.  Where I live in suburban Philadelphia many of the buildings prominently display the year they were built.  I guess it just makes the area seem more historic.  Anyway, I had gotten off work at the restaurant I was working at and proceeded to unwind as I did most nights back then.  So I’m driving around listening to “Puff the Magic Dragon,” and just trying to keep the needle on the speedometer over 15mph, when I looked up and saw the numbers 3927 on a post in front of a large brick building.  I remember saying out loud, “Oh my God, this place hasn’t even been discovered yet.”  It wasn’t until I got closer to my home that I realized that 3927 was the building’s address and not the year it was built.  It must have been really good stuff.

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