Eight Gold Medals — Now What?

I’m probably one of the few people on this side of this one but what the hell, I’m used to that.  Yes, Michael Phelps won eight Gold Medals this Olympics, and I am sure he and his family are very proud of his accomplishment, as they should be.  But for the rest of us, so what?  Why all the hype from us?  Why all the water cooler talk?  How does the fact that he can swim really fast affect us at all?

I could see it if, based on his underwater prowess, the government declared him Aquaman, and he protected us and our seas from treachery and villianous activity.  Or if he was able to round up all the pirates in the world and bring them to justice.  Or maybe he could patrol the ocean floors off our coasts in search of large oil deposits so we could lower our dependence on foreign oil.  Hell, any of those would be great.

I fear that we revel in his glory for a far more human reason.  We’ve built such a high pedestal to put him on so it is that much more exciting for us when he does something stupid down the road and comes crashing back to earth.  And in that one glorious moment we can all feel good about ourselves again, if even for just an instant.


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2 Responses to “Eight Gold Medals — Now What?”

  1. People should read this.

  2. Are you kidding? People should read all of these!!