Bits & Pieces

Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did with Nicole Kidman (yea, that Nicole Kidman). She is really making the rounds promoting that Australia movie.

TSS: Ms. Kidman. Can I ask you a couple questions for

NK:  (Not looking, gets into a car.)

TSS: Ms. Kidman… Nicole… Mrs Urb… Shit. Oh well, I guess she had someplace she had to be.

I’ll try to get more in depth if I ever run into her again.

Here’s a commercial I wrote for a fictional product (for now, anyway). Let me know what you think.

A man and a woman are sitting in a nice looking apartment. The sun is shining through the window. Everything is bright and cheery. A real P&G spot. The wife is jingling her keys while her husband sits in a recliner reading the newspaper. He folds down one corner…

GUY: Are you going to the store?

WOMAN: Yea, I told you that. Why?

GUY: Do you mind picking me up some Gonaid?

WOMAN: Excuse me?

GUY: Gonaid. My scrotal deodorant.

WOMAN: I’m sorry, your what?

GUY: My ball perfume. GONAID. You didn’t think they smelled that good naturally, did you?

WOMAN: Smiles. I did actually.

GUY: I guess I shouldn’t have revealed my secret then.

They both laugh and she falls into his embrace in the recliner.

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