Why Is Jennifer Aniston The Only “Friend” We Still Care About?

Alternate Title: This Is My Brain On ADD

I was watching Scrubs last night at its new home on ABC. There were two episodes back-to-back, and actually the second one was really pretty touching (yes, I said touching), with an Emmy-worthy (in my opinion) performance by guest star, Glynn Turman as a dying patient. I was looking at his IMDB page before I linked it, and I noticed he played 4 different characters in 6 episodes of Murder, She Wrote. That always cracks me up. I remember an episode of Law & Order where S. Epatha Merkerson played a homeless woman, and then within 2 seasons she was playing the Precinct Lieutenant. And Diane Neal went from playing a woman who raped a man to an Assistant District Attorney on Law & Order SVU. I get it. I assume the producers liked them as an actor, found them professional and easy to work with so they thought of them when larger roles became available. But for someone like me who pays attention to minute details like that, it’s like finding a baseball card with a printing error.

Anyway, the other guest star on Scrubs last night who I presume will not be nominated for an Emmy for her role was Courtney Cox-Arquette. And I doubt if she knows she has this effect on me, but when I see her, or any of the cast from Friends for that matter, I immediately wonder what Jennifer Aniston is up to. In this case, I simply thought, “Oh yeah, she’s in that Marley & Me” movie. Are Aniston’s PR people just that much better than the rest of the people from the ensemble cast? I would doubt it.

Is it the Brad Pitt factor? I suppose it’s possible that the Pitt-Aniston breakup, and his ensuing role as half of Brangelina transformed Jennifer into a sort of Princess Diana figure. She is one of those people who has accomplished the rare feat of appealing to both men and women, something usually reserved for men (Paul Newman, a young Marlon Brando, James Dean). But why?

Is it because her father has been one of the longer running characters on a popular soap opera? I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. When I was living in Phoenix, I was in a few movies as either a stand-in, or a photo-double, or a very very small role. I don’t think I can overstate how very small that role was. In fact, I never even saw the movie to know whether I ended up on screen or edited out. Anyway, during that time I was taking acting classes and decided to go out to LA for a couple weeks during Pilot Season. My plan was to dress cool and sit at alot of outdoor restaurants and trattorias. It worked like a charm, NOT. Before I went out to LA, my acting coach asked me if I would bring some things out to her father who lived off of Melrose. So I get to his house and knock on the door, and Sean Donnelly (or as he’s known today, the other John Reilly. Not John C. Reilly.) answers. She never told me who her dad was, and I thought I was at the wrong house. I used to watch General Hospital back in the day when they were trapped on the island and needed to retrieve the Ice Princess from the evil Cassidines, to keep them from being able to control the weather or some such poignant thing. So I tell him so (not in those exact words) and he invites me in for a beer (after I unload the shit from the back of my car). He takes me through his house to his backyard and as he disappears into the shed that housed his beer fridge he said, “I’m glad you decided to stay and have a beer, this one was written up in the beer magazines I get.” I said something cool like, “Cool.” He reappeared with two Milwaukee’s Best in his hands. Milwaukee’s Best? Are you kidding me? I took one, thanked him and thought this would be a good story to tell one day. I guess my point is my acting coach’s father played a long-running character on an equally popular soap, and she is not on nearly as many magazine covers as Jennifer Aniston. Okay, she isn’t on any magazine covers.

Holy shit, I need to get my Christmas decorations down.

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3 Responses to “Why Is Jennifer Aniston The Only “Friend” We Still Care About?”

  1. I know why….she is still Hot!

  2. Okay wow, so you never really got to your answer, huh? Thanks anyway… I think. Yea, pilot season can be a little rough with a plan like that. haha.


    PS to Rob K: Thanks, you should call me if you ever drop Tea Leoni as your Mulligan.

    PPS to TeeShirtSoup guy: I like that tank top you have me wearing. How can I order one?

  3. Love this post! Thanks for this. I’ll be sure to come back again. P.S: I’ve bookmark your site as well.