What’s Your Sign?


I haven’t been in a supermarket — for more than a few gallons of milk — in at least two months.  And it’s probably been longer than that since I was “full-fledged” grocery shopping on a weekend.  Well, until today.

Okay, so what the hell is the deal with the obtrusive cardboard displays full of product littering every goddamned aisle?  (For you  Jersey Shore fans, product doesn’t just mean hair gel)  I swear, it’s like having a lane closed due to construction on the freeway during rush hour.  I lost count of how many times I had to stop to let oncoming cart traffic through so I could proceed.  It’s ridiculous.  And these aisles are barley wide enough for two carts as it is.


Now that I got that off my chest, the picture above shows a sign that has managed to confuse me for years. WAIT FOR GREEN.  I mean I understand the individual words, and I even understand the concept when the words are put together. I’ve actually understood the concept since long before I was of legal driving age.  See we used the whole ”red light, green light” idea in kindegarten to show when the bathroom was occupied.  I just don’t understand the purpose of posting this sign anywhere; or for that matter, why it isn’t posted at every intersection.

If I really read into it, I can imagine it means NO TURN ON RED.  But I’ve seen both signs posted at an intersection, so that can’t be it.  What I actually think it means is that oncoming traffic will have a green light before you do, so you actually need to wait for the green light before proceeding across the intersection.  Call me a nitpicker, but I just always assumed that was kinda the red light’s job.  I’ve seen signs in New Jersey, that say DELAYED GREEN.  It still seems like more of a courtesy than a traffic warning meriting a sign, but it is also certainly more to the point.

So if you run a red light, I guess you get the standard red-light-running fine, but what if you plow through an intersection while the light is red, and there’s a WAIT FOR GREEN SIGN posted as well?  Why, that might be tantamount to a traffic hate crime.

I’ll be updating again in the early part of this week, so until then remember, “Dont sweat the small stuff.”



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2 Responses to “What’s Your Sign?”

  1. Ummm… Not sure where you live, but maybe you are surrounded by mentally slow people. Because we don’t have “Wait for Green” posted at any intersections. It’s kind of a given.

    And it made me laugh really hard.

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