Untitled Chris Brown, Rihanna Joint

Let me just start by saying that it is never not funny to hit a woman. I mean, it is never funny to not hit a woman. Wait, that’s wrong. You know what I mean.

That said, wouldn’t it be hysterical if Chris Brown had hit Rihanna with an umbrella… ella… ella?

Jay-Z has promised to make it a Hard-Knock Life for Chris (wow that was so gay, my fingers went limp while I was typing it), but in the meantime Rihanna better start looking for another fella… ella… ella.  But she better wait until after her eyes stopped swella… ella… ella.

Either way, Chris Brown better run like a gazella… ella… ella, before Jay-Z breaks his patella… ella… ella.

It would certainly be better for all parties involved if Rihanna had just eaten some tainted peanut butter and contracted salmonella… ella… ella, or even mumps, measles, or rubella… ella… ella, instead of getting thrown through a pella… ella… ella.

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5 Responses to “Untitled Chris Brown, Rihanna Joint”

  1. i think that was the stuupid because your not suppose to make fun of a person that gets hit really bad

    • Ahhhh! I feel SO uocmnfortable for you in reading this! Not cool! Religious beliefs are a personal choice and as you mention, have never been open to discussion in most situations. Seemingly attempting to proselytize is particularly irksome to me. I’ll throw stuff out there from time to time about “The Universe” and “Karma,” but I’m not going to throw my arms up in the air and just pray reeeeal hard to the universe to help me out and expect that this alone is going to change my life. There are tons of very successful people on this planet. Many see their faith as a cornerstone in their successes, but it’s not a common denominator to all accomplished people. In my opinion, you should work hard and make good decisions that help you advance, which is what I believe a coach should help encourage you to do. Telling you to pray isn’t what I would be looking for in business coaching. I don’t dislike religion or anything– to be fair, I believe the personal qualities that most religions teach- being respectful, helping others, etc. are essential in being successful, but coming from a person who was raised virtually without religion, I can tell you that these qualities do not need authority from Jesus, God, Buddha, or Zeus to be developed. Similarly, I do not believe you need the mandate and blessings of heaven to be successful, but rather a strong determination and conviction in whatever it is you want to do. Great topic!

  2. You’re right Aurora, it was the stuupid. I will only make fun of people that get hit a little bad or less. Or maybe medium bad. I don’t know, you tell me Aurora, what am I suppose to do?

  3. ur a fuckin freak i wanna smash ur face with a umbrella ella ella

    u geakkkkkkk

  4. I can’t see what all the fuss is about Rihanna visiting a sex shop. It is legal, it’s a free country and she should be able to do what she wants to.